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April 2014 - Description and link to automatically updated images. Watch as the eggs hatch! Link here

Technically, this might be considered an invasion of privacy, some may be expecting something else!

But, if you look at the link , you will see a folder with pictures from nesting Blue Tits in our garden. The pictures are updated automatically.

They will usually have between 5 and 16 eggs, there are currently 9 here, and once she stops laying and starts incubating them, they will take 12-16 days to hatch and then fledge sometime between 15-23 days after hatching.

You may need to have DropBox to see the folder, which is a very useful file sharing, “memory stick in the cloud” and backup facility anyway, use this link if you need it.

When you look at the folder, there is an icon at the top right that will let you see the files as a list rather than thumbnails, very handy to see the latest images.

They are low-resolution, 1/4 VGA size images from my CCTV system, but you can see what’s going on!

I will put some video in this folder in due course, too.

I think incubation has started as of 19th April. This will mean hatching from about the 1st of May. Chicks hatched in the morning of 30th of April, two eggs were left one of which hatched on the 1st of May, the other was pushed to the edge of the nest. Six chicks definitely seen on the 3rd of May.

8th of May - two days ago, one chick crawled out of the central nest and moved to the outside. It was smaller than the others and mother has ignored it, so it now appears to have died. The remaining five now have a better chance of survivial, I guess that's how it works.

06:49 on April 17th

06:03 on May 3rd

Feeding the babies, 6th May

8th May, dead chick can be seen top right with the unhatched egg.

Mother now has five healthy chicks to feed, better chance of survival.

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