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If you have just had your jewellery valued or are intending to get it valued, why not enhance the valuation with photography?

We will record the pieces and provide a set of numbered images that can be cross-referenced to your valuation.  In the event of a loss, not only will you have the record of the monetary value of a piece, but a visual reference to ease the replacement or even re-manufacture of the item. The prints you receive will not be works of art, but factual representations of the pieces you own.

Remember that many insurance policies may only cover individual pieces up to a certain value - some are only £1,000, so items over this value must have independent valuations of receipts. If you purchased something ten or even only five years ago, it is extremely likely that the replacement value has increased, or gone over the insurance limit, so it is wise to ensure your valuations are up to date.

If you need to replace the item, it will be much simpler to show the jeweller a photograph of the item, so they can find an identical or at least similar piece.

For the peace of mind this record will give costs £39.50, plus £0.50 for each item.  6” x 4” prints are provided for each piece.  Photography can take place at your home, so there is no additional risk to your valuables. This service is also available via Andrich Jewellers in Sunbury-On-Thames, Middlesex (01932 781525), in conjunction with a documentary valuation suitable for insurance purposes. The cost of valuation is additional to the photography fees.

Valuations available from :

Andrich Jewellers
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01932 781525

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