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We can attend your event for a reasonable fee and cover it whether it be a social dinner type event or a sports event. We can even set up a small studio to take pictures of your guests as they enter. For outdoor or remote events, we can even print from our vehicle.

Images can then be previewed via screens at a printing booth or via an iPad direct at the guests tables.

Guests can then order prints to take home, printed using our studio quality on-site printing facilities.

Guests can choose from 6"x9" in a photo mount - optional frames are also available, 6"x4", or picture 'packages', where multiple sizes of the same image are produced on one sheet.

As part of the package, we can produce a slideshow to be viewed during the event and will also add a gallery to the website to allow others to view the images (of course, if you don't want us to do this, let us know).

Event packages are available for corporate events where you want to provide guests with a photo as part of the package, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Customers can pay using cash or credit card.

Mobile printing at your event



Event print prices :

S9 - 9" x 6" print in mount - £8.00 - in frame, an additional £4.50
S6 - 2 x loose 6" x 4" prints - £6.00
PP1 - 7" x 5" + 2 off 3" x 2" prints - £10.00
PP2 - 2 off 6" x 4" prints in mounts - £10.00
PP3 - 4 off 4.5" x 3" prints - £10.00
PP4 - 6" x 4" print in mount + 2 off 5" x 3" prints - £10.00

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